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Mary with German foreign minister


Mary Stavonhagen met former German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, now Germany's president, in the German embassy in Beijing.


I left Germany for Japan in 1952 as a child and returned in 2015 to settle in Berlin. The pendulum of German politics had swung from the extreme right during the Nazi regime to the extreme left. It was quite a shock: It was difficult to tell Merkel apart from Wagenknecht when they spoke on the television................ I thought it was bad enough in the US, but Germans had left their churches in flocks and adopted immoral behavior, mostly from US movies and TV shows. It seems almost as if Germans are incapable of producing their own movies and TV shows. Many of them are US made and dubbed in German. Violence and crime are glorified as is 'diversity'.

They also show films on a daily basis dealing with the horrors of the Nazi regime, thus keeping that era alive for those naturally inclined to violence and cruelty against anything foreign. The AfD has made great progress during the past few years and not only won seats in local state parliaments but also in the main parliament in Berlin, governing Germany. Small wonder then that neo Nazis feel encouraged.

 I hate to say this about my own people, but we are still the very same people that killed 6 Million Jews some 70 years ago and it won't take much to start us rampaging again, only this time not turning against the Jews but against the refugees and immigrants. I would hate to be around to see that happening again. People just don't change in two or three generations.

I fervently hope that the EU does not give in to Boris Johnson's demands (including getting rid of the 'backstop') to change the BREXIT agreement. I am convinced that the effect on the UK economy will be much more detrimental than to the remaining 27 EU member states. The referendum on remaining or leaving was a bad mistake: The people were never informed about the possible consequences of a BREXIT and merely voted on an immigration policy. Now they are in for a big surprise................................

Regarding Hong Kong and the fierce demonstrations there: I am reminded of Tiananmen..........I can see the tanks crossing the border to put a stop to this 'revolution', as Beijing sees it.............unless Beijing wants to build up Shanghai's importance as a financial center by letting the mobs downgrade Hong Kong??


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Last updated on December 18, 2019
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