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For those of us who believe firmly that the 21st century belongs to China,
opportunities for investment in China's bright future are plentiful.
The constitution of the People's Republic of China was amended in 1998
to give equal status and importance to the private sector in the economic development of the nation.
The accession to the World Trade Organization bodes well:
Not only does membership in the WTO enhance China's opportunities for exports
but by the same token China's market will become more accessible to foreign imports.
The Yuan has appreciated from RMB8.30 to around RMB6.20 against the US$.
In 2008 GDP grew at 8% and we expect GDP growth to be 9% in 2009/2010/2011/2012 in spite of the 'financial crisis'. For 2013 GDP growth will be 8% and in following years around 7%. By 2025 China will have the highest GDP on earth, replacing the USA.

The people in Hong Kong don't seem to realize yet that they are an integral part of China? Which part of that sentence don't they understand? They are forcing Beijing's hand by violently demonstrating, asking for another crack-down like the one on Tian An Men........................

For information on the Chinese market and macro economic indices we invite you to visit the Web site
of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Beijing
: Please Handelskammer in China

To visit the China Daily newspaper, please click here  China Daily

To visit the CIA and see what they have on China, click here

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