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Here are some pictures from the family album: A picture of Mary with her uncle Pu Ren, brother of the Last Emperor of China; one of Mary with her grandson Louis; a picture of Thomas, his wife Caroline and sons Louis and Felix; other pictures are randomly selected; Dave and Mike; Louis on his way to school; Mike's daughters Lili and Isla and son Kobe. There are also pictures of Helge's good friends Bruce and Guido . Bruce and Guido recently visited Tokyo when Helge happened to be there and the three had lunch at Nancy Chih Ma's Chinese restaurant in Chateau Mita.

Here are two photos at the top taken at Nancy Chih Ma's 90th birthday party in Tokyo: Seated are Mrs. Takako Shimazu, sister of the Emperor of Japan, HIH Princess Takamado and Mrs. Hattori ; standing are Mr. Hisanaga Shimazu, Mary Stavonhagen, Wang Yannan (president of the China Guardian Auction Co.), Mary's sister Helen Ma, Mr. Reijiro Hattori (Seiko Epson Co.) and Princess Mikasa. The photo on the top right shows Nancy Chih Ma and Helge & Mary Stavonhagen and their eldest son Thomas' family.

We just added two photos of Deng Xiaoping's daughter Deng Lin as guest of honor at lunch. Also just added a nice photo of Michael and his son Kobe. Today, March 19, 2017 we added two photos of Mary with Beatrice Carraciolo di Forino, wife of Baron Eric de Rothschild, with whom she had lunch. Latest addition to the family: Zoé Léonie Stavonhagen!

      Deng Xiaoping's daughter and Mary at lunch on October 13, 2010   Mary and Deng Lin at lunch on 13 Oct. 2010  Tommy & Sachiko with the Japanese emperor's sister and her husband Mary in formal robe         Latest addition to the family

Nancy Ma's 90th birthday party in Tokyo  Oma's 90th birthday party in Tokyo 

 Tom & Co in Rome

      Michael with his father in London in 1983  Thomas, David, Eve and Nainai at David's house Thomas and his family with side-car bike  Mike and Kobe

Louis with some birds  Felix with some birds  A recent photo of Michael's family  A recent photo of Michael's family  Michael's daughter Isla David with Roger Federer Uve with his grand-daughter

Mary and Helge at the State Guest House Mary and Pu Ren with the French President Valerie Giscard d'Estaign and his wife....... Mary in formal Chinese dress Omi with Helge and Uve Louis and Félix in Malaysia Lili Michael and Honey's wedding on Jan 8, 2005

Louis and Félix with their great-grandmother and Pu Ren Mary with her uncle Pu Ren, The Last Emperor's younger brother Louis in a reflective mood............. Mary with her grandson Louis David getting ready to ride Louis Félix

Mary with Pu Jie, the Last Emperor's brother......... Mary with the actor Robert Wagner in New York............ Thomas in Ashiya....... Helge with the Japanese Emperor's uncle  HIH Prince Mikasa and his daughter in Tokyo..... Helen and Oma Sachiko, Oma, Mary and Helen Mary, Pu Ren and Taigugu

Louis on his way to school Louis with his father and great-grandmother Lili playing in the garden..............   Mike with Lili Lili Lili with her brother Kobe Lili and her brother Kobe

Mike with his daughter Lili Mike and Lili on Mike's birthday 2003  Lili: Vogue cover?? Lili with her uncle David  Lili Michael trying a bike for size Michael

Félix helping Yeye

My grandson with Guido's grand-daughter Happy mother with Louis & Félix Louis feeding a wild pig............ Thomas, Caroline and Felix Louis

Getting together after 40 years   Bruce in front of the Hikawa Maru that brought Mutti, Uve and Helge to Japan in 1952


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